The Nakajima all group at OEM offers the part equipment.

Technical equipment property of our corporation is utilized, isn't the product development which held down time cost to minimum done?
The plan which is superior, production facilities of technical knowledge and the factory etc. is insufficient even with having. That way furthermore we back up business powerfully as a partner of the customer. Compared to business development of the fast profit is actualized with the brand business sale power which the customer has and the know-how solution which our corporation has, it is partnership business.


Specification, cost, delivery, in addition concerning, please inquire individually.

Handy terminal (bar-code reader) Personal computer (workstation/desktop/notebook) Burster (stock form trimmer) Sealer (A4 sealing machine) Sublimation type video printer A4 thermal printer for installation Receipt book issue functional equipped portable calculator Typewriter (office 800/compact 600/portable 100 series, LCD model)

As for inquiry consultation, you communicate directly to the following window or, online input form utilization.